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Back to the Old Look

I tried a Word Press theme that enabled widgets, but frankly widgets didn’t seem that impressive to me, so I am back to the original format with a few changes.  Need to keep moving things around and continue to learn more about what I can do with this software.  Minor changes – did a little updating and organizing on the blogroll.   I think I like the categories for links.

Thanks for stopping by.

So, are there rules here on Small Blue Planet?

Small Blue Planet! Rules? Funny you should ask.

There are some rules. Well, maybe more like guidelines. This website is dedicated to the creation and sustenance of some important cultural memes, like peace, truth, environmentalism, sustainability, and entertainment.

So, there will be some tolerance for a variety of points of view, but the tolerance is not unlimited. I am interested in supporting critical and creative thinking, so if you post here and state things as fact that are not fact, expect to get challenged. If you persist in presenting non-facts as facts or if you believe something has be fact because you believe it so strongly, but can present no basis for your belief, expect to get warned to bring facts, learn from the facts, and risk getting banned if you just want to make dumb positions. Stupidity and meanness has many homes and media in the US culture, I don’t need to give it room to breathe on this blog.

Need an example? something concrete to help understand the rules of discussion?

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