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Nope, not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent.

Time to Start Thinking about Christmas Presence!

I think it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. People are lining up at Walmarts to get a good deal on their playstations, some are getting robbed and shot while standing in line, but hey, as the ever philosophical Rumsfeld has noted: stuff happens.We watched a video from the library last night – The End of Suburbia, Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream. Filmmaker/Director – Gregory Green, producer – Barry Silverthorn. It has a grim, but entertaining message for about 70 minutes – the catastrophe facing us in the form of oil depletion – peak oil – before it shifts gears and starts talking about how we can adjust and survive.

End of Suburbia – It got two green thumbs up here at Small Blue Planet. Very entertaining,full of important information presented in a way that may help more folks understand what lots of us already know.

So, as we start talking among family about how to celebrate the holidays, me and mine are moving more and more towards an agreement to bring presence instead of presents to our gatherings. Maybe we don’t need to stand line to buy presence? Maybe we just need to invoke presence and give presence that nobody will want to return or trade?

Just sayin…

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Hat tip to Bobby Dylan for a good line.

Boy, the wind did blow a bit though here in the south sound this past week. And my waterlogged extended family in the WA Cascades tell me we just went through a thousand year flood. Folks are talking about more money to build, repair, and maintain dikes and levees. Levies for levees, as it were.

But down the coast a few miles, the folks in Santa Barbara, CA are taking a deep breath and a longer view. They have a developed the lightblueline project to keep the “oceanfront down at the beach.” They have a cool idea to help us see the impact of business as usual. I think Santa Barbara must be a cool city in many ways.
The premise of the lightblue line project is that a predictable worst case scenario of global warming is a 7 meter rise in sea level. That is based on the sea level rise if just the Greenland ice sheet was to melt. What can you say? That’s a big ice cube. And it is melting.

The mood of the electorate was pro-environment in the November 2006 election cycle with almost all of the US ballot initiatives dedicated to the premise that land and resource use is first and foremost an economic right went down to defeat.

So, are there rules here on Small Blue Planet?

Small Blue Planet! Rules? Funny you should ask.

There are some rules. Well, maybe more like guidelines. This website is dedicated to the creation and sustenance of some important cultural memes, like peace, truth, environmentalism, sustainability, and entertainment.

So, there will be some tolerance for a variety of points of view, but the tolerance is not unlimited. I am interested in supporting critical and creative thinking, so if you post here and state things as fact that are not fact, expect to get challenged. If you persist in presenting non-facts as facts or if you believe something has be fact because you believe it so strongly, but can present no basis for your belief, expect to get warned to bring facts, learn from the facts, and risk getting banned if you just want to make dumb positions. Stupidity and meanness has many homes and media in the US culture, I don’t need to give it room to breathe on this blog.

Need an example? something concrete to help understand the rules of discussion?

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I’m feeling optimistic!

War criminal and SaddamI don’t know how you got here, but you have bounced in to Small Blue Planet and thanks for stopping by.

The 2006 midterm elections are behind us and the dems appear to be in charge of the House and the Senate. Bingo, Bango, Bongo, Mr. Rumsfeld decides the very next day that he needs to spend more time with his family.

If the family is avoiding Rummy he can always go traveling and chat with his old time buddy, Saddam Hussein. Or he go visit Old Europe, maybe take a tour of the World Court at The Hague. Whatever, he has some time on his hands now.

Anyway, for any young people who are unfamiliar with the guys in the picture above, one was sentenced to hang in November 2006 and the other one is a war criminal.

Hello world!

Well, my first foray into hosting a blog.  And we are up and running.  Lots to learn about Word Press software.  I guess I could also be interested in learning how to get linked up with other progressive websites, individuals, and groups, but I am kind of thinking that has to happen on the fly, I am not interested in some kind of IPO blitz to attract traffic.