More headlines saying Global Warming happening faster than expected

I have said for years that the climate scientists are naturally conservative in their projections about the impact of global warming. This is not to say that these scientists are politically conservative, but that science itself is conservative in terms of making the kind of projections that public policy “deciders” need to consider.

Read below from the Times and take note of the guy saying we can’t protect everything from a rising tide, we will have to abandon some territory to the ocean.

Anybody want to buy a vacation place out at the coast?

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As Glaciers Melt, Scientists Seek New Data on Rising Seas

Hanging out the sides of the craft, two scientists sent a measuring device plunging into the water, between ice floes. Near the bottom, it reported a temperature of 40 degrees. It was the latest in a string of troubling measurements showing that the water was warm enough to melt glaciers rapidly from below.

“That’s the highest we’ve seen this far up the fjord,” said one of the scientists, Fiammetta Straneo.

“I think we need immediately to begin thinking about our coastal cities — how are we going to protect them?” said John A. Church, an Australian scientist who is a leading expert on sea level. “We can’t afford to protect everything. We will have to abandon some areas.”

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