The Health Disaster that is the United States

The US ranks 1st in spending on health and 37th on actual physical health. The reason for this disparity is that capitalism and profit in the health industry consumes so many healthcare dollars. The US is the leader in privatized health care on the planet. The numbers speak for themselves.

Nonetheless, Congress and Pres Obama are tinkering at the edges of this system and the best they can come up with includes mandatory health insurance with financial penalties for families that “flout the requirement.” If its mandatory, it has been nationalized and should be paid by tax dollars instead of being mandated as private industry with highly paid ceo’s reaping benefits and poor families facing fines for choosing groceries over health insurance premiums.

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Proposing a Public Health Option as a ‘Safety Net’

President Obama and many Democrats want to create a government insurance plan to compete with private insurers. They say it would hold down costs. But Republicans say a government plan would have inherent advantages and could drive private insurers from the market, leading to a huge expansion of the federal role.

Mr. Baucus’s bill would require most Americans to carry health insurance, with financial penalties as high as $3,800 a year for a family that flouts the requirement. Ms. Snowe offered two amendments to reduce the penalty or replace it with a “defined minimum contribution,” to help pay for health care.

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