Plastic Trash to Fuel Technology?

Yes, sounds good. Greenpeace is quoted in the article essentially saying we need to stop creating plastic trash and that argument has to resonate with anyone familiar with the amount of plastic trash that ends up in the ocean.

There are lots of tradeoffs that have to be made. This sounds like an efficient technological advance for dealing with waste materials, but it certainly relies on the assumption that there will always be plastic waste. Who knows?

Encouraging to know that people are working on these kinds of technological advances. There is certainly a significant amount of plastic waste material on the planet today to feed this technology in the short term.

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Turning Trash Into Fuel

D.C. Start-Up Aims to Pitch Oil Made From Plastic Waste

Plastic soda bottles, Big Gulp cups and empty sour cream containers get fed into the top of the three-story machine. About 10 minutes later, out the other side comes a light-brown synthetic oil that can be converted into fuel for a truck or a jet airplane.

Envion is demonstrating its plastics-to-oil technology at the waste center in Montgomery County.

Environmental experts didn’t immediately know what to make of the company’s claims. A research director with the environmental organization Greenpeace said that he hadn’t heard of this particular technology but that his instinct was to remain skeptical.

While Envion pitches its technology as one that should receive the approval of environmentalists, Davies at Greenpeace was dubious. “To make it big, this company needs people to waste plastic,” he said. “We need to question whether we should be using plastic at all to begin with.”

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