It would be nice to have more propane filling stations.

With our 3 car fleet (4th car is not finished yet) running on propane keeping the tanks filled is the one drawback. Propane filling is not self service, so there is waiting involved with getting tanks filled. I don’t see self service as a possibility, there is too much potential for a careless splash of propane and liquid propane is very cold, it will immediately freeze damage tissue, a freezer burn.

I am a little surprised that they expect only a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. I am under the impression that the reduction is greater than that. I am planning to have an emission test someday on one of my conversions to see what the emission levels are.

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Grant to Launch a Thousand Cabs, Build Fueling Stations for Propane

By Yamiche Alcindor

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nearly $9 million of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus funds will go toward converting a thousand Washington area taxicabs into propane-fueled vehicles as well as building several propane fueling stations.

McCoy said the Alliance plan is expected to reduce each vehicle’s greenhouse emissions by 20 percent, save up to 3.9 million gallons of gas annually and save companies up to $5,000 a year in fuel costs for each converted vehicle.

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