Can Sarah Palin Explain the Lake Lucille House?

This story has been out there for quite a while. It’s not clear that there is corruption or illegality around the house, but how many of us can build a house with value of $500,000 plus with a couple of contractor friends?

How about some receipts to show where the materials came from? Granted, nobody has to provide this kind of personal information, but it’s not unreasonable to ask a few questions when the City of Wasilla was going into major debt for the sports complex while the Palins took up residence in the Lake Lucille home.

These are not unreasonable questions to ask when we are talking about the politics of Alaska. Anybody remember Ted Stevens?

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Palin House:Sarah Palin’s House Built For Free?

Palin House:Sarah Palin's House Built For Free?

Palin House:Sarah Palin’s House Built For Free? – Palin house is the drama of the day.The Palin family has a house worth $552,000 that is causing a bit of controversy. Palin house is located at Lake Lucille.It is a two-story, four bedroom, four bath home and “Todd Palin said that he built the house with friends who were contractors.    Palin House:Sarah Palin’s House Built For Free?

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2 thoughts on “Can Sarah Palin Explain the Lake Lucille House?”

  1. Never mind how much it cost.How much is the monthly heating bills.
    For a man born in an iglo, seems a bit large.
    But if it’s free and that’s what Sarah wants that’s what Sarah gets? who cares. I really believe in the legal system of the US. Todd and Sarah will go to jail soon.(White trash)
    Now if you where a Mc Cain, you could spend your Navy Career destroying 5 navy planes, an aircraft carrier, and Kill 225 Navy personal, then be transferred to Saigon, same day for sun downers. Then later get shot down over Hanoi save the American taxpayers a fortune in crashing aircraft for the rest of the war, and come home a war hero ? But Sarah and Todd your not a Mc Cain, so good bye and good riddance.

  2. “wow” Sarah and Todd heading for divorce ? Sarah’s spokeswoman responded .it’s unfounded, Sarah is not filing for divorce. It’s Todd that’s filing for divorce.
    My question is ? “Who gets the house”

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