Time to Stop Logging the Old Growth Forests

I suppose it may come as a surprise to someone, somewhere that undisturbed, unmanaged, wild forests are an important element for the small blue planet. The rest of us just need to keep working for sensible public policy that acknowledges what almost all of us already know.
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Tropical rainforests store and continue to remove massive amounts of carbon(Seattle, WA) — Ecological Internet welcomes the emerging science published today in “Nature” indicating tropical trees in undisturbed forest are absorbing [ark] nearly a fifth of the CO2 released by burning fossil fuels[1]. This is in addition to the long-term carbon sequestered within old trees’ wood and soils. This is the most recent of several major scientific studies indicating the need to fully protect all remaining primary and old growth forests as a keystone response to global climate, biodiversity and water crises.

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RELEASE: Ancient Forests Absorb 20% of Human’s Carbon, Logging and Other Industrial Destruction of Old Forests Must Stop Now

The myth that primary and old growth forests should be “sustainably” managed is dealt a mortal deathblow. Members and funders of RAN, FSC and others greenwashing ancient forest logging called upon to withdraw support in protest
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