Australia Fires? Global Warming

It is true that from a hard line cause and effect view it is difficult to look at Hurricane Katrina or any other weather disaster and say, ah, that’s caused by global warming.

But the truth is that there is little or no question that global warming plays a significant role in these weather disasters. The global warming deniers have made much of the problem with scientific certainty regarding cause and effect and if the deniers’ reservations were truly based on their scientific issues and questions instead of the terms of their employment the deniers would earn more respect. To make a living as spokesmodel for industries and to engage in creating confusion in the mind of the public regarding the climate crisis we face is not right livelihood.

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Australian wildfire ferocity linked to climate change: experts
by Neil Sands Neil Sands

Mon�Feb�9, 2:22�am�ET

A fire truck moves away from out of control flames from a bushfire in the Bunyip

Australia is naturally the most fire-prone continent on earth but climate change appears to be making the wildfires that regularly sweep across the country more ferocious, scientists said Monday.

The intensity of the firestorm that killed at least 126 people in Victoria state has stunned Australians, even though they have a long history of dealing with bushfires.

The government-run Bureau of Meteorology said Australia’s dry climate and naturally combustible vegetation, including oil-rich eucalyptus forest, meant fire was an intrinsic part of the country’s landscape.

But the wildfires that hit Victoria on the weekend were the nation’s deadliest and experts believe the problem is linked to climate change.

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