We Are Headed for Another Questionable Election

A number of states are violating the Help America Vote Act of 2002 and are taking people off the election rolls within 90 days of the election and engaging in other actions that will limit the right to vote and have your vote counted.  The story is in the NY times, you can read it here:

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal – NYTimes.com

In addition to the problems posed by dropping voters off the rolls, there is the problem of having your vote counted if you are allowed to vote.

Scanning voter registrations courtesy NYT

That’s a Pretty Big Glitch

This editorial piece in the times discusses a problem with the Diebold electronic voting machines.  It has become well-known and well-documented that the electronic voting machines can be easily hacked.  If you have questions about that, go to Bev Harris’ website, Black Box Voting for  more information.

The Ohio Secretary of State is suing Diebold over the problems that Ohio has experienced with the vote-counting machines.  Diebold started by denying that their machines were the problem, but they have now come around to agreeing that the electronic cards can hold votes and not upload the held votes.

The bottom line on this whole mess is that we need to work for a paper trail that can be counted and recounted to verify the totals that voting machines create.  It’s too late for the November 2008 election.  Maybe we will get election protection from the next Congress.  We need it.