Earth Aboil –

Earth Aboil –

Carbon emissions in 2007 were much higher than expected.  The article from the Washington Post extrapolates that emissions and increase of emissions in this range would lead to an 11 degree increase in the planet’s temperature by the end of this century.  We have every reason to expect that carbon emissions will not continue to increase at the rate of 2007, but the question is when are we are going to make the necessary changes?  Every day, every week, every month and year we wait increases the impact and cost of dealing with the problem.

Scientists:  1 in 4 mammals faces extinction

This article from AP goes into the impact that homo industrialus is having on the planet. 1 in 4 mammals faces extinction and 1 in 2 is in decline.  Folks, this is not good news for human beings.  We are mammals, we are a thread in the weave of life.  When we tear the fabric of life, many threads are destroyed.

I don’t know what we can do that is sufficient to fix this problem, but the solution begins when we acknowledge the problem and its gravity.

Time for change folks.