More Flooding News from Lewis County Mile Post 78 to 79

Quite a lot of water went over I5 around mile post 78.  You can see that the lane dividers have rearranged themselves a bit and they are a little heavy.

another look at same area

There were a few vehicles in motion in this stretch, but most of us were on foot.  

Looking to the west at mile post 78 you are usually looking at the airport:

That is the airport building, pretty high, but kind of stranded.  The hangers to the right do not look as high and dry.  The planes have been moved to a little patch of high ground on Louisiana Street:

In the foreground is the airport pumping station.  In the background are the planes and all around is the Chehalis River.

Looking north from mile post 78 at Exit 79 you see that Washington State Patrol is dry, but parking lot has disappeared:

To the east side of I5 the businesses did not do as well: