Flooding in Lewis County December 2007

We have a little bit of water piling up on us. Here is the proof. These pictures from Dec 4th at about 9:00 am at mile post 76 on I5.

I like the composition of this one: 

That is Dillenbaugh Creek and the Chehalis River merging southwest of I5 at milepost 76.  There are a few folks living out there on Rice Road.  Keep a good thought for them as they try to ride out the weather.

Here is the area just southwest of Greenhill School, Department of Corrections.

    Looking north at I5, water over the road in the distance. Pavement reported to be gone in some areas.

Looking west at Stan Hedwall Park at I5, milepost 76

Ballfields and buildings are underwater.

Pictures from the Lewis County Courthouse Law & Justice Center from Dec 4th about 9:00 am, more rain is arriving after a few hours of little or no precipitation.

Sandbags around the doors, but I don’t the water got quite this high, east side of the courthouse buildings.

Here is look down the same street to the south from the same location: Jail is on the right.  Prisoner relocation vehicle on the left side of the street.  Water in the neighborhood south and slightly east of the courthouse did not smell good.  The old Cross Arm mill was over in this area.

Here’s a picture on the west side of the Law and Justice Center.  Note the debris in the road that shows the highwater mark as of Tuesday 9:00 am.  Water has receded a bit, but the rains are starting again. 

County command center is operating from the Law and Justice Center.  Thank you, folks:

I guess we have nothing to worry about, FEMA has arrived:  

More to follow later.

I am stuck, can’t get north to Olympia to work today, so am doing a little citizen journalism and taking care of a few loose ends around the homestead.  Stay high and dry everybody.  We have space, beds, electricity, heat and the amenities as we know them (no cable television) if you need a space to dry off.